Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Following the year 1904, when The Book of the Law was produced, a
radical reformulation of Hermetic mystery schools began. This
Qabalistic book, dictated to the mystic and magician Aleister Crowley
by Aiwass, a being beyond human conception or comprehension, declares
that Thelema, or the essential Will of each human being, should be the
basis of a rigorous type of occultism that has since come to be known
as scientific illuminism.
The Temple of Our Lady of the Stars is a Toronto-based mystery school
that trains committed individuals in this practice. It teaches
Hermetic science, meditation, ceremonial magick and Qabalistic
psychology in a proven, graduated system that includes both group work
and private study. And it offers a community of aspirants for those
who seek to grow in Love, Power and Wisdom.
The aim of the Temple is to guide each member to realise his or her
own True Will: the truth, purpose, essential reality or dharma that is
unique for every individual, yet which can be discovered and
comprehended by following a set curriculum. This process includes the
way towards transformative mystical illumination, just as such
illumination in turn deepens our grasp of the nature, function and
scope of individual True Will.
The Temple of Our Lady of the Stars maintains close links to the International College of Thelema (ICOT), which was authorised by Soror Meral (Phyllis Seckler) to perpetuate her own life’s work in service to A∴A∴ Completion of the First Order of the Temple’s system is one means of preparation for further study in A.’.A.’., as well as readying aspirants for the ordeals brought by deeper initiation.

Interested applicants may contact the Temple Cancellarius at


Love is the law, love under will.


The Warden Speaks

On June 21st, Edward Mason, Warden of the Temple of Our Lady of the Stars, gave the Temple's inaugural presentation. The talk covers the value of a teaching Order in current times, and the role that the Temple of Our Lady of the Stars (TOLS) plays to meet that need.